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The doctor in the typhoon surgery blackout made mobile phone emergency shadowless operating lamp

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23, because of the large area and long time Zhuhai Tiange "caused by power outages, Doumen town center hospital was not spared. But they have 30-40 trauma patients on the day of receiving, most patients are due to typhoon hit the glass and other sharp objects cut or bruised, cleaning wounds and suture are needed in the bright environment, without electricity, how to do? So doctors used their mobile phones and flashlights to act as lights for surgery.

In Doumen town center hospital when a fuss, sent an old man, both hands bleeding, after the doctor examination found that the old man's arm part of the muscle and blood vessels broken, the injury is very serious. The old man is at home to avoid the typhoon, the fall of the glass cut hands, bleeding stop also let the old man's blood pressure is very low, and the patient is 74 years old, if surgery is not performed immediately, it will endanger life. Although the hospital power outage, doctors without hesitation, immediately launched surgery on the elderly, relying on a mobile phone and flashlight small light source, and death race. After more than an hour of difficult surgery, the old man's injury finally stabilized, out of danger.

The same in the five hospital emergency department doctor Feng Tao for patients with debridement and suture, when a sudden power outage, at that time, by colleagues and family members who opened the mobile phone lighting, he calmly continue to operate.

This is a 7 year old child, his right middle finger is the balcony door gashang, when I was tearing fracture, suture of the sudden power outage, beside the colleagues and the mother of the child is awesome, we work together to complete the debridement." From 23 on the morning of 8 to 10 p.m., Dr. Feng Tao interviewed more than 50 trauma patients.

"I didn't think so much at that time. I wanted to clean up the children and sew up the stitches."." Doctor Feng Tao was a colleague shot down in the "mobile phone operating lamp" to work the scene, this picture instantly maxed out my circle of friends.

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