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The nurse took out her cell phone and put the baby on the operating table without crying

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The three year old Tao Tao night eat dumplings, the whole family was busy to pack, he sneaked into a fancy baby before playing with a knife, do not pay attention to, the heavy knife cut to the thumb. The day before, a three year old Dandong baby cut off his own left thumb tendon, rushed to the Shenyang hospital for surgery and pain and fear, crying, until the nurse aunt took out his mobile phone to put up the cartoon...... Baby left hand in the suture, holding the phone in his right hand, 

watching the animation of a special scene was shot down, so that people moved


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The little baby plays with a kitchen knife and cuts his thumb

Yesterday, Tao Tao's father told the Shenyang Evening News reported, Shen financial media reporters about the incident that night after. The child cut his finger when he was playing with a kitchen knife. Because the ligament is too thin, the local hospital doctor recommended general anesthesia for surgery, but we are worried about the children will cause bad effects, and ran four or five hospitals, and finally ran to Shenyang." It is understood that the Edinburgh injuries were thumb tendon, finger strength is the largest and most important ligament. "The child came to our hospital at 1:00 a.m., at the time, the situation was very unstable," said Zhang Yuan, an orthopedic resident of the Shenyang military area general hospital." Soon, Apple was sent to the operation room.

The nurse took out the cell phone and put on the animation to warm her parents

The pain and shock of thumb tendon rupture is far more than the three year old bear ability, the operating table, after local anesthesia is still Sixinliefei cried edinburgh. The operation room nurse comforted and encouraged the Edinburgh, while their mobile phone cartoon on rummage for children to watch. Originally with the treatment of Tao Tao, a favorite cartoon attracted, eyes never left the screen. Because the child with surgery, the doctor started the operation is also particularly smooth. Two hours later, Apple was carried out of the operation room, the side of the parents of the children have moved to see in the eyes, I do not know what to say.

Children naughty play "dangerous goods", parents should be careful

Kim introduced doctors, fingers injured, we must seize 6-8 hours of "prime time" for medical treatment, so as not to aggravate infection, reduce the cure rate. If the injured after bleeding, first of all to take a towel wrapped the wound, pressing hemostasis 10 minutes of thumb root; if the injured artery, to press the artery proximal end, each press 1 hours must be 10 minutes to relax, to avoid finger tip necrosis. It is reported that the hospital received 15-20 cases of similar injuries every day, children, to remind parents to take good care of their children

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