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Operation room is a tight, rigorous, solemn, meticulous life combat field. The scalpel, forceps, shadowless operating lamp, sterile mask, mention the operation room, always give people a sense of mystery.

Ren Hongxiang, chief physician of Department of Neurosurgery, China-Japan Friendship Hospital of Beijing, Ministry of health, graduated from Shanghai Medical University in 2003 and then entered the Department of Neurosurgery of Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Ministry of health. "In our eyes, the operation room is a normal job, so many years have become accustomed to."." Ren Hongxiang talks about.

"Medicine is mainly inheritance, is a very long process of accumulation, in the work encounter problems will ask the master."." Ren Hongxiang entered Peking Union Medical College in 2008 to study for master of Department of neurosurgery. He was studied by Professor Wang and graduated in 2011. He has been in the Department of Neurosurgery since China-Japan Friendship Hospital.

Into the operation room, the preparatory work has been basically completed, the patient lying on the operating table ready for treatment.

Ren Hongxiang is good at field, microvascular decompression for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, glossopharyngeal neuralgia and other functional diseases; micro surgical treatment of cerebral palsy spasticity Department of Neurosurgery; surgical treatment of spasmodic torticollis.

Disinfection work before operation

At nine o'clock a.m., Ren Hongxiang's first operation on the day is about to begin. The surgeon for eight years, has experienced thousands of surgeries he went to the operation room.

With the help of the nurse, put on an operating gown. Ren Hongxiang's main research interests include surgical treatment of skull base tumors and surgical treatment of spinal and spinal cord tumors.

"A two or three hour operation, some even more than ten hours a day, down four or five field operation is normal" Ren Hongxiang said.

Ren Hongxiang has participated in many national and provincial and ministerial level key scientific research subjects. And the first author in the Journal of Chinese minimally invasive Department of Neurosurgery, and other authors published articles in the Journal of Chinese Department of neurosurgery and other medical journals.

Encountered more than a dozen hours of surgery, halfway boil it will be replaced, a little rest, eat something to drink water, immediately back to the operation room, continue surgery.

Ren Hongxiang spoke at the Academic Conference on Department of neurosurgery in China for 2 times and participated in 2 items of the National Natural Science Foundation of china. He is currently a member of the China International Association for the promotion of medical and health care, a member of the branch of neurological damage, a department of neurosurgery in the Chinese research hospital society, and a member of the group of neurological disorders diagnosis and treatment of the Specialized Committee. Medicine is mainly inheritance, and his present disciple has been with him for three years.

In light irradiation, everything is so divine.

"I love my current job very much, each operation will be different, the surgery is like this, always encounter different problems, meet it, solve it, it will have a sense of achievement, I enjoy this feeling." Ren Hongxiang finally talked about

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