Jiangsu medical Charisma: tumor on the operating table, Zhang Yuan

Jiangsu medical Charisma: tumor on the operating table, Zhang Yuan

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Organized by the people's daily, people.com.cn health newspaper, held jointly sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association and other 22 professional branch of the first National Forum on doctors in Beijing before the people's daily.

The forum recommended in medical series, medical image display in the group, the doctors list were set up to the country of the medicine, special tribute to the country, outstanding achievements, medical doctors in the medical and excellent style, in four young new honorary title. The list strictly follows the "authority, objective and professional" principle of selection, and shows the doctors who have outstanding clinical work, outstanding contribution and good reputation. Before the official list of this country's famous doctors list is announced, let's first meet some famous doctors from Jiangsu. Today, I'd like to introduce Zhang Yuan, an outstanding female doctor from the provincial cancer hospital.

Zhang Yuan, chief physician, associate professor, master tutor, director of Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, Chinese Cancer Association of head and neck cancer and thyroid cancer committee Specialized Committee, thyroid cancer anticancer association of Jiangsu Province branch of the chairman of the committee, Jiangsu province Cancer Association vice chairman of the Committee of head and neck cancer, head and neck oncology study group, Jiangsu medical association. Has won the national health planning system advanced workers, second in Jiangsu province "hundred medical ethics star" and the third "top ten medical ethics model" glorious title.

In the eyes of colleagues and patients, director Zhang Yuan is a "foreign", beautiful and kind is a good doctor, does not allow a man's hero, for many years, she will always be patient well-being in mind, devote themselves to study medicine, in innovation and Practice on the road never stop. In October 2013, due to thyroid cancer recurrence after surgery outside the hospital many times Ms. Chen appeared dyspnea removed many hospitals are not admitted to life on the verge of death or destruction. After she came to Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, she organized many multidisciplinary consultations both inside and outside the hospital. After careful analysis of the condition, we decided to adopt the "extracorporeal circulation plus neck and chest joint radical operation" scheme, which has not been reported in china. The patient's condition is complex, the illness is very late, many people advised Zhang Yuan: "the risk is too great, or give up."." But Zhang park is extremely elegant and valuable said: "an honor and reputation in the lives of patients. The doctor is not a good doctor!" After 12 hours of surgery, Zhang Park finally pulled Ms. Chen from the death line. Family members with joy, and because of her own physical brain excessive consumption almost collapsed, the heart rate, people almost can not stand up, feet even shoes wear... There is also a case of advanced thyroid cancer invading the mediastinum and trachea. She has undergone a radical resection of the lower thoracic sternotomy in the world without a reported neck and thorax approach, leaving the patient without tumor for 9 years.

Zhang Yuan annual expert outpatient surgery amounted to more than 6000 people, nearly 600 units, including high difficulty and high risk surgery accounted for more than 90%, among all the hospital surgeon first; more than 10 years, has presided over the head and neck surgery carried out a number of new, overcome a technical difficulty, involving more than 10 foot operation area; 365 days a year one day, rest, daily working hours are more than 10 hours; she led the Department to become the province's only head and neck tumor surgery provincial key clinical specialist.

The "big medicine sincere" - Zhang Yuan heart patient pioneers, the practice of medical ethics style in the new period, with a sincere and harmonious palace building life-saving medicine, with healing hands for patients to rekindle the operating lamp of life!

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