Slight injury is not on the operating table:

Slight injury is not on the operating table:

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Slight injury is not on the operating lamp: "do not want to truce for 8-10 months."

TheScore reported that Duhem - Vettese had refused an operation to cure a left ankle injury in March this year, which could have led him to stay for 8-10 months.

It is reported that Vettese's left ankle is still a problem, he did not open the training camp for 100% of the health status.

"Sometimes you feel good and sometimes you feel bad," Vettese said. "You have to put up with it and deal with the situation intelligently."."

"The swelling has started to subside, although there are some swellings, but it's not as bad as it was before."

The final 13 games of last season, Vitesse due to severe left ankle sprain are missing in the war, the heat during the 7 - 6.

"When I found the injury, I had only two options," Vettese said. "I don't support surgery, so I try to avoid surgery.". I don't want to be absent for 8-10 months. I demand another solution. The result is every day I received 4-5 treatment, the wound to get better. I did that, and I'm fine too."

The final contract with the heat in the summer Vitesse for 4 years, after playing the best performance in the career last season, he will continue to prove in court.

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