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Anesthesia machine Class partition

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Air anesthesia machine

The utility model has the advantages of portability, applicability, direct use of air and oxygen as carrier gas, assisted respiration and controlled breathing, and meets various surgical requirements.

The working principle is that the patient is connected with a closed mask or an endotracheal tube after the induction of anesthesia. Inhale, anesthetic gas mixture into the body of the patient through the inspiratory valve opening; exhale, exhale valve opening, the inspiratory valve closed, exhaled gas. Folding bellows can be used when using assisted or controlled breathing. Inhale, press down, exhale, pull up, make sure the patient has adequate ventilation. At the same time, the ether switch is adjusted according to the actual needs to maintain a stable level of anesthesia.

The deficiency of this kind of device is that the concentration of ether is low, which can only be used as the maintenance of anesthesia. Moreover, the consumption of ether is relatively large, and it is easy to cause environmental pollution.

Direct current anesthesia machine

The direct current anesthesia machine consists of high pressure oxygen, pressure reducer, flow meter and anaesthetic liquid evaporator.

Circular closed anesthesia machine

The device with low flow anesthesia mixed gas, the gas supply valve (gate) one-way flow of patients. Exhaled

M-903E anesthesia machine

M-903E anesthesia machine

The gas into the CO2 absorber via an exhalation valve for repeated use. The structure is mainly composed of oxygen and Nitrous Oxide device, gas flowmeter, CO2 evaporator, absorber; one-way valve, gas valve, breathing pipeline, air bag etc., modern anesthesia machine is also equipped with a ventilation airway pressure and expiratory flow, end expiratory concentration CO2, inhaled anesthetics concentration, oxygen concentration, oxygen monitor alarm hypoxia and Nitrous Oxide automatic protection device.

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