2 year old boy, 20 floor fall, nearly eight years old, old professor Pro operation table rescue

2 year old boy, 20 floor fall, nearly eight years old, old professor Pro operation table rescue

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Nearly eight years later, the old professor Wu Jinshu (middle) Pro operating lamp platform to rescue the child.

Beijing Changsha on 22 September, (Liang Hui Xu Zhixiong) "you Daga, dear teacher, please help me......" In September 22nd, a letter signed by "Lu Wen" begging letters in Hunan medical circle WeChat group forwarded the letter for help author Lv Nengwen is a doctor of gastrointestinal surgery, Huarong People's Hospital in Hunan.

According to the Lv Nengwen family, home only 2 years old boy Hao Hao (a pseudonym) on the afternoon of 21 were very close neighbors with relation to go out and play, accidentally from its own home floor of a 20 storied building is the decoration of the family falls downstairs lawn. Because the buffering effect of the lawn white survived, but the injury is very serious, the night to seek treatment from the Huarong People's Hospital to Changsha.

Lv Nengwen said in the letter, "son currently rely on vasopressors to maintain vital signs has general consultation that Shang Pingwen recommended conservative treatment was afraid of injury of pancreas and duodenum injury treatment is not good. Please support: 1, please introduce the best treatment, continue to conservative or surgery? 2. Please introduce the experts, professors and contact information of pediatric abdominal surgery in china! Thank you very much for the unconditional satisfaction of the consultation and operation! Is willing to bear or to life for daily kindness!"

See Lv Nengwen's letter, with fellow Huarong Hunan People's Hospital Department of liver transplant specialist Liu Xunbo, immediately call to verify each other's. Learned that the child's injured parts are mainly liver, spleen and pancreas, just in line with his discipline, professional, Liu Xunbo immediately help contact the doctor for the child consultation. Doctor reading and eager to save the child Lv Nengwen even to wait for is still on the operating table of Hunan People's Hospital, go through the formalities for the hospital son, 22 noon, 12 pm arrived in Hunan People's Hospital.

Chief expert Professor Wu Jinshu is the hospital operating room with other operation, after listening to the liver outside a department director Liu Chuping Professor report about a child after the child immediately instructed the liver and spleen rupture, heart, lung and stomach are contusion, rapid pulse, blood pressure by vasopressors to maintain, the situation is not optimistic, should surgery as soon as possible.

At 14:30 in the afternoon, with the fastest speed of preoperative preparation, white was pushed into the operation room. After anesthesia and disinfection, the operation began at 15 p.m.. At this time, from the white injured has in the past 24 hours, the situation is more critical. Although the nurses adopted various measures to maintain body temperature, but due to intra-abdominal bleeding continues, white body cold, terrible face.

Time is life, the Hunan People's Hospital expert team decided to immediately for plastic laparotomy was performed. After opening the abdominal cavity, the blood poured out immediately, autologous blood transfusion machine plastic loss 400ml blood recovery back into his body. Then, experts removed plastic rupture of the spleen, and further exploration revealed white liver hematoma, liver must be cut. In order to block the blood flow into the liver in 15 minutes of time to complete the white under the right posterior hepatic lobe resection, nearly eight years late professor Wu Jinshu decisively wash power, lead surgeon quickly cut the liver resection, liver total liver volume accounted for about 10% of the white.

The experts of cardiothoracic surgery in the operation room emergency consultation and access to image data, confirm the white heart contusion, but no organic change, pleural effusion did not increase, no need surgical treatment. After careful examination of the common bile duct and the gallbladder without bleeding, the operation entered the end stage. 18 PM, Hao Hao launched the operation room, observation and treatment in SICU after surgery.

"The damaged abdominal organs have been disposed of and the child is safe at the moment." Professor Wu Jinshu said that whether the heart lung injury white will increase, can be completely out of danger, still need further close observation

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