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Internet plus Chinese for Sichuan to push new products to force government innovation and medical wisdom

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In August 31st, sponsored by the guidance, Sichuan Province Economic and Information Committee of the Tencent Inc "2017 Internet plus digital economy Chinese line - Sichuan summit" held in Chengdu. The people's Government of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province Economic and Information Technology Commission and the Tencent Inc leaders and guests gathered to share in Sichuan province "Internet plus" construction of successful case, discuss "Internet plus" solution in various industries, government force innovation and popularization and application of medical wisdom to help Sichuan, industrial upgrading.

At the summit, Tencent Inc officially released its first integrated "government connector" - Tencent eye. The integration of government services it supports multi interface, multi industry, multi channels, multi scene, scene, identity and connect people and government services, solve the online government "check off", "let the power reach data run away, fewer people do errands," the goal of government services. This is the Tencent following the release of AI medical imaging products, Tencent seek shadow, further expand the application of artificial intelligence scene, force and layout in the field of government.

"Internet plus" to help Sichuan government medical innovation

Zhang Yanchuan, deputy director of Sichuan provincial economic and Information Technology Commission pointed out: "Sichuan Provincial People's government and the Tencent Inc signed a strategic agreement" Internet plus "for two years, the two sides of a series of innovative practice in the traditional information industry, electronic commerce, information Huimin Internet plus public record in the aspects of space, create favorable environment for the growth of the Internet industry, Internet industry to create clusters advance," Internet plus ", promoting Sichuan industrial upgrading economic restructuring and improve the information management level of people, the emergence of a large number of benchmark case."

Before, "Internet plus innovative" air plant in Sichuan in many areas. Tencent in Sichuan Province Planning Commission and a number of influential hospitals, promote WeChat NCMS payment, landing online inquiry services, help the development of the Internet in Sichuan Hospital; the city service platform to provide one-stop administrative service entrance for people in Sichuan, the application of cloud computing, big data and other upgrades are to help Sichuan government the government service. At the same time, the Tencent also promote Internet plus innovation and entrepreneurship in Sichuan.

Sichuan Internet plus index continued to lead the Midwest

Early in April 20th this year, held in Hangzhou "2017 Chinese Internet plus digital economic summit", the Tencent Research Institute officially released the "Chinese" Internet plus "digital economy index report" (2017). The report shows that the Sichuan digital economy index is located in the list of seventh, all provinces in the Midwest in the lead.

In the August 31st summit in Sichuan, Sichuan Province Economic and Information Technology Commission and the Tencent Research Institute jointly issued the "Sichuan province" Internet plus "digital economy index", which is the first to share data, and draw up a digital economic panorama.

Lead researcher Li Gang, director of the center for economic research and Industry Research Institute of Tencent conducted a detailed interpretation of the report, the Sichuan Province in the "Internet plus" digital economy index, industry index, double index, the wisdom of the people's livelihood index of each segment of the development are more than the national average, and leading the midwest.

The report shows, Sichuan province "Internet plus" digital economy index ahead of Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other western provinces, the growth rate ranked fourth in the country, second only to Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei.

Internet plus the wisdom of the people's livelihood index shows that the wisdom of the people's livelihood list the top three for the first time in Sichuan Province, the first half of 2017 to achieve high-speed growth of 71.55%, a comprehensive guide to the midwest.

Devaluation Tencent eye force, government innovation

At the Sichuan summit, Tencent launched a new artificial intelligence product - Tencent eye. It consists of Tencent Internet plus cooperation division led by Tencent AI Lab, polymerization of the internal Youtu laboratory, safety management department and other departments and the ability of different Tencent Inc. At present, Tencent eye has signed with 19 provinces, more than 50 government services will gradually fall across the country, bringing more people "brush face" to do government innovation scene.

In the future, Tencent will also carry out in-depth cooperation with more hospitals in Sichuan, to promote the universal application of WeChat medical insurance payment within the province, to promote intelligent medical landing.

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