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Nan'ao, a hospital emergency outage 20 minutes dark Asian doctors surgery

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In Australia, the Royal Adelaide hospital (NRAH) to the asian doctor Tamm (William Tam) recently experienced a cry 20 minutes, when he is operating lamp on a patient in the operation room, a sudden power failure, because of this very complex operation cannot be interrupted, so the doctor insisted Tamm surgery until success.

According to reports, the morning of the incident, the Royal Adelaide hospital because of software failure caused a portion of the Department suffered a power outage, the standby generator cannot operate normally, cut more than 20 minutes long, the more than 10 cases are in 40 cases and was forced to suspend the operation was delayed.

It is reported that at that time, another patient had been operated on, but the operation was forced to stop because of power outage.

But Tamm, President of the Australian Medical Association, did not stop the operation at that time, because it would put the elderly patient in danger. He could only finish the operation in the dark.

He said: "for any clinician, when carrying out complex operations you are working for an elderly patient, suddenly encountered a power outage, this situation is really difficult, let a person feel pain, in such difficult circumstances, only actively cooperate with the doctors and nurses together can make successful operation."

Although the operation finally near misses, but did not receive timely notice of blackout for Tam was angry, he and his colleagues had confused don't know what happened.

Tamm said that the matter is under investigation now. He hopes this accident can play a warning role for the Nan'ao Health Bureau and the government.

"When a patient comes to a hospital, there will be a lingering fear now. I think the blackout will not only affect the patient lying on the operating table, but it will affect all the people who want to see a doctor in the hospital. We can tolerate other things, but power outages are not one of them. "

It is reported that the health department in Nan'ao has issued a statement confirming that during the maintenance test of the generator, a blackout was caused by a software failure to transmit electricity. The statement also said that there were "no patients suffering from adverse effects" in the blackout, and government agencies were investigating the software that led to a blackout.

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