F50 medical pendant

F50 medical pendant

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1General Description

Medical Pendant F series(including F60 F60S,F50,F50S,F30,F30S) mainly used for being put on monitor, electric knives and medical instruments needed by general surgery operations, provides the necessary medical gas, power for operations with output terminal.


Medical Pendant F series is mainly made up by hanging arm, rotating arm, gas-electrical tank, trays, drawers and so on. Rotating arm and gas-electrical tank can be rotated and locked freely in the range of 330 °. The rotation is flexible and free and the locking easy and firm. Medical pendant is equipped with all kinds of plugable, quickly-connecting gas terminals. It is convenient, intact, easy to use to meet the needs of operations.       

Rotating arm and gas-electric box are made of light high-strength aluminum alloy, the surface is handled by high-voltage electrostatic spray treatment.

Original total gas terminal; different colors and different shapes in order to avoid inter-mixing, patching times are on and above 20,000 times, there are three situations: passing , breaking ,extracting. Maintenance can .be done when gas is available.  
Single-arm radius : (Optional 600-1000mm), Double-arm radius : (Optional 1000-1400mm), The entire operating table area can be covered. Bearing rotation is used in rotating system .Rotating arm and gas- electric box can be rotated 330 °. Pneumatic brake can be used when the needed positions are reached, so it is easy to move the medical pendant freely and position stably.

Instrument tray can be adjusted up and down.

3,Moving Environmental conditions:

Environmental temperature:10℃-30℃;

Relative humidity:≤80%;

Atmospheric pressure:860 hPa-1060 hPa;

Supply voltage:~220V±10%; 50±1Hz  

Standard Installation height: 3m.

Device safety  sort  I   

Working system: short-time operation

Liquid Injection Protection Level: IPXO



1, swing arm: 1000mm (optional 600-1000mm)

2, rotate the boom maximum rotation angle: ≥ 330 °

3, gas-electric box the maximum rotation angle: ≥ 330 °

4, rotating brake type: compressed air damper lock

5, single layer tray Max load: 30kg

 5,Basic Configuration


Quantity and Specification


Instrument Tray

Standard configuration : the three-layers ( the first layer with a drawer)

Gas types

O2, CO2, Vac

 (in German gas terminal)

Gas Plug is optional according to the needs of user

Power Plug


Optional according to the needs of users

Telephone Socket


Network Socket


Infusion Support



6,Installation and commissioning

The device must be permanently fixed and installed. The ideal installing height is 3 meters.                                



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