FC113 syringe pump

FC113 syringe pump

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01. Easy clibration of syringe and volume etc, for more friendly   use
02. Three infusion modes   inlcuding Rate, Time, Body weight (FC113)
03.  Drug library contains more than 50 drug names
04.  Top accuracy in the world : ±2%, flow rate   increments by 0.01ml/h
05.  Automatically recognize the syringe   type--5/10/20/30/50/60ml,comply with all brands
06.  DPS ( Dynamic Pressure System )
07.  Up to 7 to10 hours battery back up at middle rate
08.  Record of last setting for all parameters
09.  Standard RS232 interface,event log with   more than 2000 history records
10.  FC1 Series Syringe Pump and SC1 Series   Infusion pump can be freely stacked into multiple channels working stations   with only 1 AC  power supply
11.  Manual & Automatic Bolus, can be   programmed according to clincal use; Antomatic anti-bolus to decrease   unexpected clinical risk 


                           Model No.   ParametersFC111
Syringe   Size10,20,30,50/60ml5,10,20,30,50/60ml
Drug   Library——Yes
Infusion   ModesRate   Mode, Time ModeRate Mode,    Time Mode,   Body-Weight Mode
Drug Name Display——More   than 50,can be updated according to customer requirements or clinical use
SafetyDouble   CPU to make sure higher standard infusion
Time   Preset0~99h   and 59min
Volume   Range 0.01~9999.99ml
Flow Rate Step byIncrements   at 0.01 ml/h 
Flow Rate Range——5ml Syringe     0.01ml/h-150ml/h
10ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-400ml/h10ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-400ml/h
20ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-600ml/h20ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-600ml/h
30ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-900ml/h30ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-900ml/h
50/60ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-1200ml/h50/60ml Syringe    0.01ml/h-1800ml/h
 Purge/Bolus Rate/Top Flow   Rate——5ml   Syringe        150ml/h
10ml Syringe      400ml/h10ml Syringe      400ml/h
20ml Syringe      600ml/h20ml Syringe      600ml/h
30ml Syringe      900ml/h30ml Syringe      900ml/h
50/60ml Syringe    1200ml/h50/60ml Syringe  1800ml/h
Audible & Visible Alarms Syringe   Dislocation,Occlusion,Near End,Pause Overtime,Low Battery,Battery   Exausted,VTBI Completion,Syringe Empty,Motor Malfunction,Incorrect Syringe   Specification,Circuit Malfunction,Internal Communication Malfunction,Master   CPU Malfunction,Monitoring CPU Malfunction
KVO Rate10ml/hKVO=3ml/h   Rate10ml/hKVO=1ml/h
Occlusion PressureHigh:106.7KPa±26.7   KPa
Middle:66.7KPa±13.3   KPa
Low:40.7KPa±13.3   KPa
Pause Overtime Alarm1min50s—2min
Power   & Battery20VA, AC:100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ, DC:11.1V,Lithium battery support    from 7 to10  hours 
ClassificationClass   II,type CF,IPX4
Dimension   & Weight140mmwidth×260mmlength×110mmheight   ; 2.5Kg
Optional FunctionEvent Log with at least 2000 history records,DC

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